The War On Those In Poverty

It was almost fifty years ago that President Lyndon Johnson initiated his famous War on Poverty. We now live in the 21st century at a time our caring and loving Republicans have declared a War On Those In Poverty. Congress is prepared to pass a new Farm Bill that provides billions for farmers, most of whom do mighty darn well these days since they are corporate farms. It is vitally important to give these millionaires billions because they might get angry and cease farming. As part of the Farm Bill package there is a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program which is better known as Food Stamps. You know, the program which helps those who, for some reason, cannot live on the earnings of good jobs that pay $7.45 an hour. Republicans and Democrats will cut $9 billion which means about 850,000 will receive $90 less a month for Food Stamps.

I trust no one is upset at this reduction in assistance. It is part of an overall program to improve physical fitness for those in need of Food Stamps. They will be encouraged to run from garbage bin to garbage bin while food thrown away is still edible. They will get food, they will get physical fitness and
Republicans will get gobs of money from those with wealth who will not have to pay “high taxes.”