The War That Nearly Happened!

We of the 21st century read stories about past events in which mistakes were made that resulted in war. World War I was one such example and we are convinced errors of the past would never occur today. In 2008, terrorists from Pakistan entered India, went to the city of Mumbai and conducted violence that caused the death of 165 people as well as wounding dozens and destroying many installations. There was tension between the two nations when President Asif Ali Zardari received a phone call from a man who said his name was Pranab Mukherjee, the Defense Minister of India. He told the Pakistan president that his nation was prepared to launch an attack, and hung up. President Zardari placed his air force on alert and said they might be attacked at any moment. He contacted then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She immediately called the Indian ministry of external affairs and spoke with an official who confirmed that Pranab Mukheriee had called the president of Pakistan.

At this point, Rice kept her cool and personally contacted Mukheriee who was completely baffled by the so-called “phone call.” He assured Rice no such phone call had ever been made and the Secretary of State was able to calm things down. It now turns out the phone call was made by Ahmed Omar Saeed, a terrorist who was in jail for murdering American reporter, Daniel Pearl. Somehow, a phone was smuggled into him and he decided to have fun and play games.

Welcome to life in the technological world of modern societies.