The War This Time?

The dogs of war are howling for war. There is no doubt President Assad and his fellow criminals resorted to use of chemical warfare against his own people. There is no doubt his armed forces have murdered over 100,000 of the Syrian population. Unlike, reasons for the criminal invasion of Iraq, this time we have overwhelming evidence that Assad is a murderer and criminal. The question is clear: what should the United States of America do when a leader of a foreign nation resorts to violation of international ethical standards of behavior?

American destroyers are off the coast of Syria. Planes are ready to go into action and drop bombs. We can either resort to missiles from ships or bombs from planes. There is no likelihood of boots on the ground. Most probably if these attacks take place only a handful of Americans will be killed or wounded. There will not be a repetition of the Iraq folly. So, what should the President do?

The key aspect of this decision revolves around the question of –unintended consequences.The US drops bombs on Syria, what is the outcome that we do not anticipate, but will occur? Here are some possibilities:

1. Syria launches attacks on Israel which results in a massive response.

2. Hezbollah sends missiles into Israel which results in a massive response.

3. Syria resorts to use of chemicals in Israel which results in limited use of nuclear weapons.

4. Iran sends missiles some place which results in a massive response.

Perhaps, we can identify economic attacks?