The War Time Forgot Or Never Thought About!

Pick up a newspaper these days, regardless of where it is purchased in the world, and there is bound to be stories concerning the situation between Israel and Palestinians. Glance at photos on You Tube or in journals and one encounters numerous presentations of dead or wounded people in Gaza. But, if one asked the ordinary American or European citizen to cite which area of the world is experiencing the most violence, few would mention the Congo. Since 2000 an estimated five million people have been killed in that region and thousands of women have been raped. It is a war that few think or care about and the sufferings of Congolese is the last thing on the mind of those who loudly proclaim their concern for social justice and peace. A joint Rwanda/Congo military operation is coming to a conclusion in which there was an attempt to drive Hutu forces from the Congo.

Of course, even if Hutu force are expelled from the Congo, the Rwanda troops will remain and return to their exploitation of Congo wealth for their own purposes. The Congo has become every neighboring African country’s gold mine of riches which they intend to use for their own purposes and ignore the rights and needs of Congolese.

What this writer would not give for some protests among European intellectuals about the horror that daily transpires in the Congo. Of course, that would require these shining lights of liberalism to take their minds off Gaza for a moment and think about the plight of black skinned people. Are there elements of latent prejudice against black skinned people in which area of concern is addressed by European intellectuals?