We offer our own theory of what constitutes the act of demonstrating one is dumb.

Enjoy the benefits of what government does for you while arguing that government is evil.

Believe cutting taxes for the wealthy and reducing income can result in lowering our debt.

Believe an intelligent idea resides in the mind of Sarah Palin.

Believe a person collecting unemployment benefits lives a life of luxury

Believes the war in Afghanistan can be “won.”

Believes ending the $15 billion spent on earmarks will impact the federal $1 Trillion debt.

Believes like Don Rumsfeld that standing up at work is analogous to making prisoners stand for hours.

Believes Rudy Giuliani would do anything without getting paid for it.

Believes students at Harvard are smarter than students at the University of California.

Believes Larry Summers ever gave a damn for poor people.

Believes there is “an answer” to problems.

Believes George Bush was misled by “faulty intelligence in Iraq.”