As a public service we explain the meaning of being dumb in America.

1. To enjoy the benefits of what government has done while at the same time arguing we should get rid of the government which has helped create wealth for us.

2. Believing an intelligent idea exists within the brain of Sarah Palin.

3. Believe reducing taxes and government income allows the government to reduce the national debt.

4. Believe a person collecting unemployment insurance lives the life of someone on Park Avenue.

5. Believe work done by immigrants will be done by native born Americans after the immigrants leave.

6. Believe the war in Afghanistan can be “won.”

7. Believe ending $15 billion spent on earmarks will reduce the one trillion dollar deficit.

8. Believe the New York Knicks will win the NBA championship this or next year.

9. Believe Larry Summers ever gave a damn about the poor.

10. Believe Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST!

11. Believe students at Harvard are smarter than students at U of Chicago or any state university.