I have a Ph.D. which, by definition, makes me smarter than anyone reading this blog who lacks a Ph.D. After watching the Glenn Beck show, when I say there is a Theory of Dumbness, there is a Theory of Dumbness. I said it, therefore it is. Just check with Glenn if you doubt me. The basic ideas of Dumbness are embedded in the following propositions.

1. If you enjoy the benefits of what the Federal government has done to make your life happier, seek to end the role of the Federal government in order to ensure you do not enjoy the Internet, planes, highways, bridges, and so on.

2. Believing an intelligent idea exists somewhere inside the brain of Sarah Palin.

3. Believe cutting taxes and reducing the flow of money into the federal government leads the federal government to reduce its debt.

4. Believe a person collecting about $1600 a month in unemployment benefits can purchase cars, live in a penthouse and enjoy luxurious meals at expensive restaurants.

5. Believe work done by illegal immigrants will be done by native born Americans.

6. Believe the war in Afghanistan can be “won.”

7. Believe ending the $15 billion spent on earmarks will result in significantly reducing the $11 Trillion debt.

8. Believe the New York Knicks will win the NBA championship.

9. Believes there is “an answer” for anything in life.

10. Believe students at Harvard are smarter than students at the University of Montana.

Anyone who doubts the above is dumb. Why? Because my hero Glenn Beck says whatever I say is right.