There Are No Errors In UK Testing!

Ofqual, England’s exam watchdog has decided it is an error to admit that there are errors since all that does is to propogate the idea that errors can occur on examinations in the UK. It hired consultants top come up with alternatives to the word, “error” because when that word is used many people form negative images in their minds about exams. Ofqual admitted it had previously shied away from engaging in honest discussions about error free exams because some people might get the wrong idea. Dennis Opposs, said: “Why have we previously shied away from communicating much about reliability in public. Well, it is a complex idea that is hard to explain.”

You are darn right. Once the idea gets out that exam graders make mistakes it will allow test takers the right to make mistakes which certainly is a horrible idea to allow in public. As we well know, those who grade papers are hired because they never made an error they couldn’t deny.

Why not just give every student taking a test an “A” and this will avoid any errors on tests!