There IS A Difference Between Obama And McCain!!

I continually receive comments which state in forceful terms that both major political parties have the same ideas and philosophy and Obama and McCain share common beliefs. Following is a list of the differences between the men:

Obama–supports the Fair Pay Act which protects women’s right to secure equal pay in the workplace.
McCain — he opposes such legislation.

Obama — supports women abortion rights.
McCain –opposes such rights for women.

Obama — supports the concept of a national health insurance.
McCain — wants to tax health insurance and use tax deductions. Most economists estimate millions would lose health insurance under the McCain plan.

Obama — will appoint judges to the Supreme Court who will protect the rights of women and respect civil liberties.
McCain — has promised not to appoint anyone to the Supreme Court who was for abortion rights for women.

Obama — support the right of workers to join unions. Will appoint people to the NLRB who support the right of workers to have a union.
McCain — is against aiding workers to have unions and will appoint people to the NLRB who are pro-employer.

Obama– will appoint people to regulatory agencies who will protect our national parks and the environment.
McCain-Palin — are hostile to protecting the natural resources of America and prefer allowing business to use those resources.

Obama — long term plans for new energy sources.
McCain — he boasts the solution is drill, drill, drill

Obama — government intervention into the marketplace to protect consumers.
McCain — he was against government regulation of the financial industry until he realized Americans wanted it and now he says he will support such programs. Will he is the question?

Democratic Convention A majority of delegates were women and 44% represented minority communities.
McCain — a glance at the Republican convention found few black or Hispanic faces and anyone who was gay kept it quiet.

Obama — a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq
McCain -opposes any timetable.

Obama — had promised to meet and discuss issues with world leaders without preconditions.
McCain — he opposes any discussions with nations like Iran or Venezuela until they agree with our views. A guarantee there will be no meetings.

Obama — will restore America’s reputation as a nation that respects international agreements such as the Geneva Convention.
McCain — his appointment of Sarah Palin as his running mate has made America the laughing stock of the world. McCain opposed torture until the vote on the bill to end torture and he voted against it.

Obama — end the Bush tax cuts which gave wealthy people about a $1 trillion benefit.
McCain — he opposed the Bush tax cuts before he decided he was for the tax cuts.

Obama — those earning over $250,000 would pay social security taxes to equalize the burden of social security.
McCain — opposes such taxes on the wealthy

Obama — will appoint scientists to government positions based on their knowledge of science and not on their political affiliation. He will restore the importance of science as part of our government.
McCain-Palin — at least one believes in Creationism and doesn’t think evolution is a valid scientific concept. They would appoint scientists based on political beliefs. How would you feel about having a president of the United States in 2008 who doesn’t believe in evolution?

Obama — responsible sex education programs for children.
McCain — oppose sex education programs.

Obama — emphasize the importance of early childhood programs
McCain — has never made this an important point in his program.

Obama — he will negotiate to reduce the price of drugs for the elderly including allowing purchase of drugs from Canada where the price is lower.
McCain — opposes such ideas.

Obama — focus on restoring trust with nations such as Russia.
McCain — use threats of violence toward Russia.

Obama — a vice president named Joe Biden
McCain — a vice president named Sarah Palin

Does this list suggest the two men agree on most political and economic issues?