There Is No Cholera Says Mugabe!

Over 800 people already have died of cholera in Zimbabwe, hospitals lack drugs, and hundreds of medical staff have left in search of food or to be able to work in a hospital that has basic materials. But, President Robert Mugabe insists talk about an epidemic of cholera is being spread by British and American colonialist minded leaders who want justification to invade his nation an overthrow his corrupt regime. “I am happy to say our doctors have been assisted by others and WHO(World Health Organization).. so now there is not cholera. Because of cholera, Mr. Brown(British Prime Minister) wants military intervention.” Of course, three million people of Zimbabwe have already fled the country seeking jobs and food in South Africa. Hundreds of opposition leaders have been beaten and there are cases of wives being raped by Mugabe directed thugs.

More than 650 cases of cholera have been treated in South Africa because people left Zimbabwe in search of treatment as well as food and shelter. Naturally, Mugabe and his fellow thieves and hoodlums do not have to worry about starvation as do over half the population of the country. Yes, there is no cholera among the families of those running the country.