There Is No GayTime In Uganda

Christianity entered Africa during the nineteenth century and it brought into the lives of Africans some basic beliefs of missionaries, particulary in attitudes toward sexuality. Missionaries imposed strict rules on how to dress and how t5o conduct  sexual relations. During the past two decades, fundamentalist ministers from America have spread right wing anti-gay hysteria to many areas of East Africa.

Uganda has been swept for years by an anti-gay hysteria which borders on virulent hatred toward anyone who is a homosexual. A lawmaker has once again introduced to the Uganda parliament a law which has previously been condemned by the US government. A bill reintroduced by David Bahati, lacked the provision that homosexual acts could result in imposition of the death penalty. But, it would still make homosexual acts illegal.

Alas, we have the fruits of Missionaries of Hate in modern day Uganda. Why don’t American missionaries remain at home and simply join the Tea Party, sip some tea and cease drinking from the  well of hate?