There Is The Koran And There Is The Koran

Al Qaeda leaders are among the fiercest defenders of the Koran and insist that women adhere to the tenets of the document, but when it comes to financing their terror attacks, the Koran takes second place to the need for good old fashioned money. Al-Qaeda agents recently told Columbian drug lords they would protect drug shipments through the Sahara Desert for a nice fee of 2200 per kilo. Actually the Columbian drug lords they negotiated terms for shipment were not from Columbia, but New York and undercover agents. In early days of al-Qaeda andf the Taliban they opposed drug trades and presented themselves as the example of virtue, but times have changed and when money is involved, invariably times change for the dollar.

As the war against al-Qaeda increases in seeking to uncover portals of money being sent to terrorist organizations, these groups have responded by going wherever they can find the money, sharia or no sharia, Koran or no Koran. Welcome to the world of religious fanatics who place money before anything else.