They Know Best For You!

There is good news coming out of Washington D.C. pertaining to the right of Americans to enjoy some sort of privacy in their lives. The good news is that those who decide what is right or wrong about what can or can not be invaded is still under the control of our government. We can sleep comfortably at night knowing the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and God knows what other agencies are awake and protecting us against evil doers. It is so wonderful knowing that our beloved government knows better than you and I what you and I should do or can not do. The Privacy and Civil Liberties for Oversight Board(PCLOB) is awake when you and I are asleep. PCLOB Chair David Medine wants one and all to know that his agency walks “right up to the line of constitutionality” because it loves Americans and understands more completely than the average American what sort of privacy he is entitled to.

Medine supports warrantless searches just weeks after the House of Representatives voted to end them. OK, so we elected the House of Representatives, but who knows better what should be our rights, those we elect or those who spend day and night knowing what is good for us? Think of the PCLOB as your friendly doctor who knows that you have cancer and he will make certain the cancer will not kill you. Just follow his directions, he knows best. Look at the bright side, you can have sex with your spouse or loved one, and the PCLOB will not be checking on your performance. Who you fuck is your business, provided, of course, it is not some Muslim terrorist!

Then again, would you sleep more comfortably tonight if the PCLOB supervised your sex life?