They Sent McCain And Graham!

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party of the United States of America is the incompetence of the Obama-Clinton-Kerry trio is the cause of unrest and conflict in the world. Senator John McCain and his buddy, Senator Lindsay Graham were asked by President Obama to lend their talents to the process of attempting to find a resolution of the conflict between the Muslim Brotherood and the government of Egypt. For some strange reason these Muslim fanatics refused to allow McCain and Graham to resolve their problems. Adly Mansour, acting head of state for Egypt announced that efforts by Americans and Europeans and other Muslim leaders did not achieve the goal of resolving the impasse.

The world is asking the Muslim Brotherhood to accept the reality that Mohamed Morsi failed as a leader and it is time to move on to an INCLUSIVE Egyptian government that will work to incorporate the ideas of all Egyptians for the future of their nation. Has anyone considered asking Rand Paul to solve this problem?