They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

I was listening to a song about Australian soldiers in WWI who had been fighting in the Palestine area and received word they were going home now that the war was over. However, their government had decided there was only room home for men, not their horses. The song depicts the sorrow of the soldiers who had been with their horse for years and survived battle after battle with their loyal comrade. The order was given for men to pair off and each shot the horse of their companion and the horses were then buried. The men did not want their horses given to Arabs whom they detested. The song struck a cord in my heart as to the nature of human life. We have comrades who work to ensure that we enjoy the benefits of modern life, they clean our garbage, harvest our food, lift heavy equipment, work in factories producing goods we desire, but we could not care one bit for their lives or their future. They are objects whose purpose in life is to serve our needs, and when we no longer have need for them, let them starve or die or leave. The horses of the Australian soldiers were gallant in battle and even on more than one occasion charged across a field against machine gun fire and were successful. But, there was no room on the boats for these gallant creatures, so a bullet in their heads.

In today’s world, we shoot our mouths off in order to humiliate those who do the dirty work of society. We want illegal immigrants to leave even though there is no one around to do the jobs they do in our daily lives. I guess if we shoot horses, there is no doubt we will shoot the illegals. And, after they are dead, who leads the charge against those in power?