Things some people wish they had said:

1. Barack Obama: “Let’s focus on job creation, later we can deal with health care.”

2. Sarah Palin: “Use your bow and arrow instead of getting anyone in your rifle sights.”

3. John McCain; ‘I do not choose to run.”

4. John Kerry: ” I was for it, and I continue being for it.”

5. Mitt Romney: “I believe in government organized health care, it works in Massachusetts.”

6. Glen Beck: “I guess a straight line often leads nowhere.”

7. Anthony Weiner: “Honestly, I only have a tiny weinie.”

8. Eliot Spitzer; “Sorry Madam, I have a Mrs. back home.”

9. George Bush: “Dick, there are no WMD in Iraq. Knock it off.”

10. LeBron James: “We three are not really the greatest.”

11. Adolf Hitler: ‘You know, those Jews are really OK people.”