Before you die,

1. Read the story of why and how the US Constitution was written. It sure ain’t the Tea Party account.

2. Read daily figures on casualties in Afghanistan.

3. Ask yourself each day why 1.5 million young Americans are responsible for defending 300,000,000 Americans.

4. Call a millionaire and offer to donate cans of food from your pantry since these folk are hurting these days.

5. Visit a homeless shelter in order to understand why these shiftless people don’t want to work.

6. Ask a single mom why she had a child even though she doesn’t earn a $100,000 a year.

7. Tell your neighbor who lost his job that he really doesn’t need medical insurance–there is always Emergency at the hospital.

8. Write a letter to George Bush in Texas expressing appreciation for all he did to make your life happier.

9. Write a letter to your Senator demanding passage of the “Protect Wealthy People of America” law.

10. Trade in your car which makes 38 miles to the gallon for one that makes 15 miles to the gallon in order to prove it is all crap about global warming.

11. Agree with your spouse to have a child a year for ten years in order to receive a “thank you” letter from Pope Benedict.

12. Make all fellow employees begin the day with a reading of the US Constitution.

13. Follow up with reading your state constitution.

14. Ask your Muslim neighbor to help you build a bomb.

15. Write a letter to President Obama asking for a copy of his birth certificate. Include a copy of your birth certificate.