1. Once again to see sun rise over San Francisco Bay.

2. Having good kosher latkas to eat.

3. Seeing the Rocky Mountains hover in the distance.

4. Being present at the inauguration of a liberal president who has passion for working people.

5. Hitch hiking across America one last time.

6. Spending a day without worrying about money.

7. Being alive in an America which has free education from birth to death.

8. Holding a grand child in my arms.

9. Walking from 86th street to 42nd street in Manhattan.

10. Wandering around my old Bronx neighborhood.

11. Walking along the Seine.

12. Seeing a Shakespeare play in London.

13. Finding the village in Russia where my pop was born.

14. Finding the village in Poland where my mom was born.

15. Having Rudy Giuliani caught in a transvestite bar.

16. Having Sarah Palin give a speech in an empty hall.

17. Smiling as the Chicago Cubs finally win a world series.

18. Yelling with joy as the New York Knicks finally win another NBA championship.

19. Having my damn book published.

20. Hearing Barack Obama speak with passion other than blasting liberals for his problems.

21. Listening to college faculty discussing teaching rather than the parking situation.

22. Being on planet Earth on the day no one died from violence.

23. Witnessing passage of a law which guarantees ALL American workers the right to have a union.

24. Being in America when young people can once again select the vocation of their choice and have jobs available.

25. Celebrating my 111th birthday.