Third Party, Anyone?

I recently asked two freshmen college classes who in America they most admired and the result was a deafening silence. A girl said, although she disagreed with the ideas of Sarah Palin, she liked the fact Palin went around talking. I assume President Obama would react to this situation by insisting, “people don’t understand what I have done to prevent a major Depression.” He is right, no one “understands,” but the reason for this lack of understanding is due to his inability to clearly explain his ideas and his failure to fight for jobs. I doubt if Franklin D. Roosevelt or John Kennedy or Harry Truman ever complained “no one understands what I have accomplished.” Most young people have lost faith in either political party. On December 13 this year, a new “No Label” party will be unveiled which seeks to attract those who can’t stand either the Republicans or Democrats. Mark McKinnon who used to advise John McCain and Nancy Jacobsen who raises funds for Democrats will launch this effort.

Unfortunately, state regulations make it virtually impossible for third parties to get into the political process. It would make sense to select the Democratic party and seek a candidate who wants to actually change Washington as the one to shake up Democrats. There are many like me who are disgusted at the inept leadership of Obama and would welcome someone who wants to FIGHT!