“This Is A Catholic Country”

I endeavor in life to respect the views and ideas of those who have deep and personal feelings about their religion. An incident in an Irish hospital in Ireland is now shaking the ideas of many Irish people concerning the issue of abortion. Savita Halappanavar and her husband had come to live and work in Ireland where he was a dentist. She was admitted to Galway University Hospital and was 17 weeks pregnant. She suffered a miscarriage and septicaemia when it became apparent that she was very ill. Although she was miscarrying doctors refused to carry out a medical termination because the foetus heartbeat was present.

Her husband begged the doctors for a termination but was told, “this is a Catholic country” and therefore any form of abortion was illegal. One can assume this means that even when a life of the mother is at risk, she must die in order that the foetus has a heart beat. There is something wrong about this situation. This is an issue of death as well as of life.