This Is Not School Bullying?

A woman who worked at the Great Tey Primary school in England was fired for telling parents of a child who was abused that her daughter had been bullied at school. Carol Hill then had the audacity to tell a local newspaper about the incident which led to her being fired by the governors who run the school. According to school head, Deborah Crabb, four boys explained they had been playing a game of “prisoners and guards”in which a girl became the prisoner, was tied to a fence and then hit on the legs by a rope. Heck, this is exactly the type of game I want my little girl to play while she is at school. How could any parent be upset that their daughter was tied up at school and hit on her legs! Crabb did send a note to the parent saying their daughter was involved in an “incident” in which someone hit her with a skipping note. Ms. Hill told the parents exactly what occurred on the play ground.

Fortunately, Ms. Hill won her court case. The court did not agree with Ms. Crabb there is such an “offence” known as “going to the press” about children being beaten at school. Nor is it a “breach of confidentiality” to inform parents their kid got beat up at school! Sounds to me, Ms. Crabb is nothing but an old crab!