Thoughts On Thanksgiving


What would have happened if Columbus sailed a bit further north and wound up in Virginia?

What would have happened if the Puritans went further south to the Carolinias?

This would be a great Thanksgiving if Glenn Beck got lockjaw.

This would be a great Thanksgiving if President Obama would actually speak loud and clear enough so folks understand what he did.

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter is upset because the Yankees only offered him $15 million a year. Oh well, Derek, we all have to tighten our belts a bit in these hard times.

I await lines from Glenn Beck leading from Mecca to the Thanksgiving dinner in the 1600s.

Rush Limbaugh could impersonate a turkey given the gobbledy gook that comes from his mouth.

The holiday is “Thanks-Giving” so how about the Republican party actually give unemployed people some money.

Obama and Larry Summers and Tim Geithner gave an awful lot of money to Wall Street folk. Unfortunately, they skimped on a few billion and their names are mud at the stock exchange.

Thank God George W is chopping wood in Texas today rather than chopping up the Constitution.

I am 80 so I give thanks I can write these words.

I doubt if many paused for a moment to give thanks to the kids in Afghanistan and Iraq who should be home.

Give thanks Sarah Palin can’t see Iran from her window. If she could, the daughter would be off to Iran to dance, and then we would be faced with an atomic bomb threat when she lost the contest to some Muslim couple.

We all give thanks to the Tea Party for running low grade morons for the US Senate and preventing Republicans from getting control of the body.

Give No-Thanks to Republicans for grid locking our government.

A big NO Thanks to Senator John McCain for sacrificing his principles to get elected. And, this from a man who withstood torture in order to maintain his principles!!

Thanks to Michelle Obama for taking a courageous stand against obesity. Now, Michelle, how about a strong stand for jobs so we can afford healthy meals?

Thanks to North Korea for giving the world, Kim Song-un. I guess he is better than Kim Song-two.

Judas betrayed Jesus for some coins. Tony Blair betrayed the people of England for a George Bush smile. At least, George could invited Tony for nice Thanksgiving dinner.