Thousands Join Burmese Monks In Protests

Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent a powerful message of support to Burmese monks and their supporters who are fighting against the oppressive rule of a military junta. Brown told them “human rights are universal and no injustice can last forever.” His words were received in Rangoon where over a 100,000 people joined the march of monks who seek through peaceful means a way to end their nation’s control by an oppressive military junta. It appears Myanmar’s largest economic source of trade, China, is urging the military to avoid using force. There are rumors the military is planning to dress thousands of troops as monks and have them infiltrate the march in order to provoke violence which would then allow the regime to send in troops to end the march and protests.

Gordon Brown cited the world’s failure to halt the slaughter of innocent people in Rwanda and Zimbabwe makes in necessary for nations today to take action. The success or failure of this protest is still uncertain.