Thousands Of Mexicans Protest Crime

Tens of thousands of Mexicans marched in over 80 cities in a dramatic demonstration of the growing disgust with the presence of crime in their nation. Over 100,000 alone marched in Mexico City. Although these thousands of citizens were expressing their frustrations and anger at the rampant crime in their society, it still remains unclear exactly what must be done to address the issues they want handled. Laura Martinez told a radio reporter that she was instructed by the men who kidnapped her son to bring the ransom money to them by first becoming part of the demonstration crowd until they directed her to the locale where the money was exchanged for her son. It was interesting how many marchers looked to themselves rather than to police or government as the cause of crime. A cleaning lady, Teresa Magana, who refused to march put it this way: “If I raise my children with values and with feelings, they would never kill anyone…Parents are not doing their job.”

The march against crime was not the first of its kind and most probably will not be the last. There is increasing concern about the need to centralize police forces, raise pay, train a more professional security force, and address issues of poverty and ineffective treatment of criminals.