Thousands of Muslims Flock to Iraq and Death

George Malbrunet, reporting for Le Figaro, interviewed many volunteers for suicide operations and discovered they came from all levels of society but were motivated by an intense conviction “that Bush and the West have declared war on Islam.” There is also anger at corrupt inefficient Arab leaders who the suicide bombers believe are supported by the United States. Malbrunet’s sources indicate somewhere between 60-80 foreign combatants enter Iraq daily, mainly from Syria. He spoke with Jordanians who are anxious to fight against Americans. One whose brother was a suicide bomber said: “I want to inflict as m any losses as possible on the enemy, and ultimately only to savour shelhada(literally, to die for God).

Every time George Bush makes a speech claiming we are engaged in a war against terrorism, many people in Muslim nations interpret his words to mean the United States is engaged in a war against Islam. Bush has never grasped the importance of using words with care and concern for how they are received elsewhere. He is too busy posturing and pretending he is an heroic figure standing on the ramparts holding back forces of evil. Unfortunately, his rhetoric has only served terrorism, not damaged it.