Thousands Protest Death Of Russian Blogger

Thousands of people walked the streets of Nazran, main city in Ingushethia, to protest the death of blogger Magomed Yevloyev who died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody. Yevloyev’s friend and lawyer, Kaloi Akhilgov, claimed, “all of them are expressing their discontent with what is happening in the republic” and the manner in which he died. Yevloyev’s relatives vowed to avenge his deth and declared a blood feud against Ingush President Murat Zyazikov and Ingush Interior Minister Musa Medov. According to the Ingush government, Yevloyev was seized by police after he got off the plane at Magas Airport and was then placed in a police car. Local police insist while in the car, he made a grab for a policeman’s weapon and during the altercation somehow got shot.

Roza Malsagova, editor-in-chief of has fled the country with her three sons in fear of being killed. Last month, the Moscow City court upheld a lower court decision in June to close on charges of carrying extremist content. WE can assume that means it disagreed with the Russian government.