Thousands Rally For Freedom In Morocco

King Mohammed had promised to loosen his control over government and extend greater freedom to the people of his country in determining who heads the government. In order to make certain his people got the message, supporters of the King bused in thousands to yell support even as thousands were demanding even more freedom of speech and greater power for an elected government. According to Abdelkabir Belto, the government bused in students and anyone else who was on the right side of the King. “We are here to help those who support the king.” For some reason there are folk in the nation who have opposing views and they were shouting: “enough with corruption, you brought the country disgrace.”

Reality check. As of this point, it is doubtful if those seeking a more democratic Morocco have the support within the country to accomplish this desire. Most probably it makes sense to work within the freedom granted in order to extend its boundaries and hopefully, eventually Morocco will become a democratic nation.