Thousands Rally In Gaza

At least three thousand young Palestinians rallied in the streets of Gaza City in order to express their desire for reunification with their fellow Palestinian. Organizer Ahmad Arar told the media “we won’t go home until the end of this division. Young Palestinians are tired of having their people separated into a Hamas and a Fatah group which refuse to jointly speak for the rights of Palestinians. Many are inspired by events in Tunisia and Egypt in which youth led the way to end dictatorships. As they set up tents, loudspeakers blasted away with songs of liberation. The decision to immediately begin their protests came after the Hamas Ministry of Interior refused to give them a permit to protest on March 15. In a surprise move, Prime Minister Haniyeh of Hamas ordered the Ministry of Interior to allow the gathering to proceed. He gave his support “all the efforts by the young people and the factions which aim to end the division.”

Ironically, even as young Palestinians were uniting for peace, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was denouncing Palestinians for refusing to work for peace. It is now up to Israel to grasp the opportunity for peace in the Middle ea