Threatening Our Soverignty

Each year the United States armed forces conduct war games with the armed forces of Morocco. I assume it is a time for pretending one is engaged in a war against someone who is an enemy. However, the 13th annual “African Lion” exercise will not hear the roar of voices engaged in a war of pretense. Morocco is furious at the action of President Obama is supporting UN efforts to protect the rights of inhabitants in the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Gee, just think soldiers were dressed to kill, the food was ready and a wonderful time to be had by thousands would never occur. The government of Morocco told the media which was ready to show scenes of pretend war their gig was over.

The American support “is an attack on the national sovereignty of Morocco and will  have negative consequences for the stability of the region. I have a hunch this   remark about “sovereignty really has something to do with rich mineral rights that are in dispute within the region. Everytime a nation rants about their national sovereignty in the end there is something about mineral resources.