Threats And Warnings From Israel And Iran

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warned that although no final decision has been taken by her nation’s leaders about the threat from iran, their eventually will be a final resolution of how to deal with that country. “Iran needs to understand that the threat of military action exists and has not been taken off the table. As long as that’s made clear, the need to use (military action) will be reduced.” She was insistent the “time for a decision is now” and any form of weakness willl be interpreted by Iran as a form of willing to go along with the present situation and allow it to fester and grow. Livni also warned other nations that sitting by and not joining in dealing with the Iranian threat would also impact them.

President Ahmadinejad, who is attending a food conference in Rome, bluntly said yesterday that the world will soon witness the disappearance of Israel from the world map and he told Europeans they have been damaged by allowing the nation of Israel to exist.

Perhaps, Foreign Minister Livni forgets in 2003, President Bush also insisted the time was now for action against Iraq even though the UN urged time be allowed to continue their investigation about the so-called WMD. Patience is not always a virtue, but it can be an excellent policy that avoids mistakes.