Three British Soldiers Died In Afghanistan

It was just another day in Afghanistan, British soldiers were chatting, a few were eating and there was the sound of laughter in the air. Suddenly, an Afghan soldier took out his rifle and shot one of the UK soldiers, then loaded and fired a rocket-grenade which killed two others and wounded several. In the confusion, he escaped. Three more British soldiers dead in addition to over 300 who already have been killed, three more dead. But, these were not killed by the “enemy” but by our “allies” in the war against the Taliban. Last November, five British soldiers were killed by an Afghan policeman. What does this incident mean? It reveals once again that for many members of the Afghan army, loyalty to their tribe, clan, or family is more powerful than loyalty to the government of Afghanistan. Nearly nine years have passed since American forces swept through the nation and sent Taliban forces fleeing. But, during these years, the Bush administration did nothing to create a powerful Afghan army, let alone a stable honest government.

These deaths will impact the people of the United Kingdom as well as British soldiers. How many will become fearful going on missions with Afghan soldiers? How many will be looking behind rather than looking ahead toward the Taliban? How long will the British public support placing their sons and daughters in harm’s way –by our Allies!