Three Children Died–Dozens More Also Will Die

Three sweet innocent young boys were found dead in Israel or Palestine or whatever one seeks to term a piece of land in what is known as the Middle East. These boys simply wanted to live a life filled with learning and prayer hoping in this process to become closer to God. Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, Naftal Fraenkel were Jews, they were teenagers, they were innocent of any injustice or hatred, but they are dead. Even as I write these words, Israel bombers are blasting the Gaza Strip in the anger and fury that ordinarily follows when a loved one is murdered in the Middle East. A few innocent Muslim boys are already dead, and there is scant doubt that others will follow. As so often is the case in what we term, the Middle East, the death of one must be avenged by the death of a dozen. ALL sides in this conflict are determined that Death must be the answer to any hurt committed to one of their own. For ALL sides in this conflict, God urges them to take revenge, at least that is their interpretation of God.

Israel claims that Hamas was behind the murders. Hamas claims they had nothing to do with the murders. There is no doubt we most probably will not discover who did the killings, or whether or not Hamas ordered these killings. Israel insists the murderers are Murwan Kawasmme and Abu Ayshe. Most probably the Israel secret police are correct, I simply do not know, but must accept those who devote their lives to killing have knowledge. Bombs are falling in the Gaza Strip as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises -REVENGE AND JUSTICE. He blames Palestinian President Abbas for the murders even though the Palestinian leader denounced these killings and offered assistance to uncover the culprits.

Perhaps, if those in charge in the Middle East would halt for a moment in their anger, in their desire for revenge and seek a true revenge for these deaths. Perhaps, these boys would best be remembered if in their deaths, both sides abandoned revenge for a moment and worked out a peaceful approach to their conflicts. If their deaths led to peace, and the end of revenge, then their deaths were not in vain.