Three Typical Days In Iraq’s Provinces — Mayhem

The newspaper, Azzaman, over the past three days reported several stories about fighting and killing in Iraq cities far away from Baghdad. The American press focuses mainly on large cities and tends to ignore the situation in the provinces. In the cities of Diwaniya and Karabala, there has been virtually non-stop fighting between several different factions, none of which are connected to al-Qaeda although Bush insists that group is responsible for violence. Unauthorized gun men belonging to groups associated with the Shiite cleric, al Sadr engaged in fighting with unruly militants connected to the Supreme Islamic Iraq Council. In the midst of their fighting another group appeared on the scene which goes by the name of Kataib al-Hussein and no one is aware of connections between this new faction and any existing group.

These fragments of stories continually appear in Iraq newspapers like Azzaman. Men are fighting for power or religious reasons or because they hate America or because it is a lucrative occupation. The American press reports about the “surge” and ignores the daily lives of Iraqis which are filled with terror, violence and death. A top scientist, Dr. Mohammed al-Attabi was killed this week, because he was a scientist. Such is life in Iraq.