Throw Book At Manning!

The Unitd States armed forces have conficted Private Bradley Manning of the crime of espionage. He is what is termed a “whistle blower.” Actually, he is not a person attempting to provide “government secrets” to an enemy of the United States of America. In 1985, the first government worker to be jailed for leaking papers to the media was a former United States Navy intelligence officer who provided classified surveillance photographs to Jane’s Defense Weekly. He received a two year jail sentence.Under the Obama administration, an FBI linguist got 20 months and a National Security Agency employee received a year on probation to perform commnity service and a guy from the CIA went away for 30 months.

So, Bradley Manning received THIRTY FIVE YEARS!The soldier responsible for the Abu Gharib scandal which seriously damaged American relations with Muslim nations receiveda 10 year sentence and was freed within six and a half years. So, who is the man in the White House? A former professor of constitutional law who has spent five years attempting to prove that he is a one tough dude. The evidence is now clear, Barack Obama is a frightened man unable to display generosity of spirit and care and concern for individuals subject to hate. Obama is the man at the O.K. Corral!