Throw Out The Truth

The essence of a democratic society is the right to protest against government laws and policies. Durng the history of civil rights in America, members of Congress marched with those fighting for civil rights and even wound up in jail. Opponents charged these brave legislators with supporting violence and those who oppose laws of the land. The Israel Central Elections Committee barred deputy Haneed Zaobi from running for the Knesset because he has been “supporting  terrorism.” His “support” consisted of being on the  Marmara flotilla from Turkey that was bringing goods to Gaza and did not include a single weapon of war.

Zaobi was also accused of “rejecting Israel as a Jewish state.” This is a crime in the “democracy” known as Israel. A democratic society allows each individual to reject anything they so desire, as long as they do not get engaged in  plotting the overthrow of a government. Bringing food supplies to people does not fall into the category of plotting to overthrow anything, let alone a government.

We are witnessing the death of democracy in Israel. Its founders will be weaping in heaven!