Thug Zimbabwe President Blames UK For Problems

President Robert Mugabe during his over twenty year reign of incompetence and brutality has witnessed his nation decline from being a prosperous society into one which just set a world record by having an inflation rate that now stands at 2.2 million percent! And, who is to blame according to this petty tyrant– Great Britain! “What is Zimbabwe to Britain?” he asked. “The answer has not been provided, but we know what they want. It’s regime change so the resources of our country can come under their control.”

The last thing any nation in the world is to come into possession of Zimbabwe after Mugabe has completely wrecked the nation. Which nation would seek to inherit this mess in which thugs and criminals run Zimbabwe, plunder its resources and blame outside nations for their own brutality. The tragedy of Africa is refusing to take action against this petty little criminal who resides over the destruction of a nation and impoverishment of its people.

Mugabe refuses to take the only solution to his nation’s problems– immediately halting violence against his opponents, and honest negotiation with the Movement for Democratic Change.