Thugs Of April Batter People Of Zimbabwe

Where but in the dysfunctional nation of Zimbabwe is an election held, the incumbent is defeated, and the result is refusal to step down and accept the verdict of the people? President Mugabe has unleashed his cut-throat mercenaries upon his own population. They are beating innocent vllagers and threatening death to anyone who refuses to vote for Mugabe in the next election. The police have banned all political rallies, homes of villagers have been burned, and the ruling Zanu-PF party pretends it is only acting according to the law. Of course, Mugabe law insists the loser is the winner. The victorious Movement for Democratic Change is urging a national strike, but, even it takes place, dozens of innocent people will be beaten, if not killed.

Where are the voices of African leaders at this time? If a colonial power was doing the things being carried out by Mugabe, there would be a storm of protest, but the ineffectual President Mbeki of South Africa pretends everything is OK. Where are the voices of black leaders here in America at this oppression of African people? The African silence is deafening.

To make matters worse, Mugabe has let loose his “war veterans,” most of whom are young men who were not even alive durng the struggle for independence, to seize the remaining white owned farms. This will add to the disruption of the food supply as well as making hundreds of Zimbabwe workers lose their jobs.

The people of Zimbabwe need the world to speak as one and come to their defense.