Tibet Violence Escalates And China Uses Force!

The Chinese government on the eve of staging the Olympic Games is facing a huge public relations disaster as violence continues in Tibet. Fighting between protestors, who were shouting, “Free Tibet” and police and army units, has resulted in at least four deaths and hundreds injured. Demonstrators set fire to shops and cars as police opened fire on them while all monasteries were reported surrounded by hundreds of soldiers in order to halt monks from participating in action against Chinese authority in Tibet. A Han woman told reporters: “It was chaos everywhere. I could see fires, smoke, cars and mortorcycles burning.” A tibetan guide who refused to give his name said police in riot gea were backed by armored vehicles and were blocking major intresections in the city. The US embassy in Beijing has received reports from Americans in Lhasa of gunfire and rioting.

The open resentment of demonsrators has undoubtedly shocked Chinese officials who continue believing their rule over the Tibetan people is welcomed by one and all. A Tibetan demonstrator told a reporter, “I have a mesage for Tibetans abroad: don’t stop supporting us. If you stop, it makes the risks we’re taking useless.”

China has two choices: continue present policies which are resented by Tibetans or move in a direction of offering the people of Tibet genuine local autonomy. If China uses excessive force it risks creating conditions that might spark a boycott of the Olympic Games and damage its image in the world for a decade.

  • journeyer58

    Of course China is using force to put down a rebellion against their illegal and immoral contravening of international law by invading a country which was not at war with it. What did anybody expect? That the Chinese would roll over and let the monks and common people of Tibetan heritage take back their country and reinstall the Dalai Lama as head of their country? How inane to expect that the Chinese would, even as the world’s eyes are on their country, let some “monks” remove from the purview, the best culture that the Chinese overran. The Tibetans had a long and lively history without the influence of the Chinese or for that matter any other country for thousands of years before that fateful day when the Chinese invaded Tibet without cause and provocation. Now the Tibetans are in the minority in their own country, they are shut out of the jobs that are needed for the survival of their families, their language is not taught to their children and the destruction of the Tibetan culture moves along at a brisk and ever-proceeding pace. No one knows how long it will be, before there is no more Tibetan culture in their own country, yet the world does and says very little about this abominable act of aggression and genocide. We the people of the world must stand up for the people of Tibet and let our voices be heard by the “Peoples Republic of China.” Although there are none of the common people that are involved in the running of their country and all decisions are made by a cabal of men and women who hold all the power and make all the choices for the people they are supposed to govern with compassion and care.

  • l

    you are a liar

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Ironically, the people of China are experiencing similar retaliation as are being confronted by Tibetans. Both the Chinese and the Tibetan people are ruled by a leadership that brooks no dissent, peaceful or violent. If the Tibetans had marched quietly, what would have been done to them?

  • http://kimbosiwang.blogspot.com William Wang

    Do you really believe protesters can march peacefully, given the space & time, wake up! Let history be your guide, protesters want attention, if ignored, they will take drastic actions. The demostration started on 10th March, nobody seemed to notice & culminated in violence, then the whole world poured in. Religion had always been exploited by politicians for their ulterior agenda, be it buddhist, islam or christianity. I believe, there is much opportunity for the tibetans under chinese rule compare to minority groups in other countries.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Could you provide evidence such as the percent of college students who are Tibetans, business leaders who are Tibetans, etc…