Two weeks ago, both conservatives and liberals in America were enthusiastically following events in Libya where the hated dictator, Muammar Gaddafi appeared headed for an early exit from power. Men and women who had united to get rid of a man who most of the world regarded as a fool in addition to being a ruthless thug. There were stories and pictures of happy Libyans dashing around in cars, waving rifles in the air and boasting of moving on to Tripoli in order to end the hated rule of this tyrant. Ah, the tides of war have changed in a few short weeks. Today, Gaddafi’s mercenary army, backed by tanks and artillery, and planes overhead are moving on to Bengazhi in order to finally crush the democratic semi-government. Liberals and conservatives hoped ending Gaddafi’s rule was simply a matter of words, not action. Alas, it is clear the rebels need weapons, planes, and active support of those who prefer to talk.

Talk is cheap, action can cost lives of Americans or Europeans or other Arabs. We await another shift in Libya and this requires a lot more than words of praise. Does the American nation have the capability to move forward if it means taking a risk? Time will tell.