Tie Down Tie Sellers In Iran!

Every so often a new story from Iran raises questions as to what do those in charge of that nation do during the day? There was an international trade fair which included some booths where women sold ties. The religious police, having nothing better to do with their time, rushed into the fair, arrested the women and closed down the tie booth. The females were charged with “no proper observing the hijab” and, worse of all, SELLING TIES!

For some reason, known only to Islamic scholars in Iran, wearing a tie somehow violates the Muslim religion. I have a strange hunch no one wore ties in the Middle Ages whether in Islam or in Christian Europe. I have a hard time believing early Muslims halted during the day to discuss whether one should or should not wear a tie. Don’t these beaded men have anything better to do with their time than worry about ties, women wearing the hijab, or whatever?

Hey, how about worrying about thousands of Muslims being murdered in Syria?