Tiger Not Out Of Woods Yet–Or Ever?

I confess to being somewhat retarded when it comes to the world of celebrities and their sexual escapades. The media reports Tiger wants to reconcile with his wife, Erin, and she apparently is waiting for signs her hubby has grasped the implications of having fourteen mistresses at the same time. But, a new report from Palm Beach, Florida, says Tiger is on his yacht along with one of the fourteen– Rachel Uchitel and they are making hay on a ship, which is no easy thing to accomplish. A source told Touch magazine, “they have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke… She is madly in love with him and she believes that he loves her as well.” As I admit, when it comes to sex, I enjoy it, but am strictly a one woman at a time man.

Some people have names that accurately depict who they are. Tiger is one heck of a tiger when it comes to the ladies, young, old, and in-between. The rest of we horny men stand aside in awe at this young tiger with an unceasing ability to extend a part of his body in continual action. A Woods I never will be.