Tiger Woods, Stay Out Of France!!

A Muslim butcher in Nantes, France may lose his French citizenship after it was revealed he had sided with his niqab clad wife who was halted by police while driving because they said her vision was impaired. The wife responded that motorcycle helmets provide even less vision, but they are OK with the police, The episode led to checks on the background of Brice Hebbadj and he was charged with being married to more than one wife and having 12 children. However, the romantic butcher insisted he was not married to several women, but he did have several mistresses and “and as far as I know it is not forbidden to have mistresses in France or forbidden in Islam. If you lose your French citizenship for having mistresses, then a lot of Frenchmen would have been stripped of their citizenship.”

I guess Tiger Woods is going to avoid golf in France, who knows, maybe they will strip him of his golf titles because he had mistresses. I can think of several governors and a few presidents who had a mistress or two, but I guess they can remain Americans because in this country, a mistress is simply evidence that you do not need viagra.