Tim, We Miss You So, Return To Running!

For some  reason, former  governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty left the band of brothers and sisters who are running for the presidential nomination. I guess Tim did not realize that when you only poll 5% of the vote at the beginning of the month it doesn’t mean you will not have 25% by the end of the month. Tim actually was not that bad a governor of a state, at least he knew how many people were on the Supreme Court and he knew that Paul Revere rode to warn the Americans about the British.

As one reflects on the past year, it is difficult to understand why Republicans try to hard to assist Barack Obama to get re-elected. Herman Cain believes people in Cuba speak Cuban, Rick Perry does not remember what he said five minutes previously, Michele wants to blow up the world to “defend America,” and Newt has a new idea each hour of the day, unfortunately none make any sense. Most probably, the nominee will be the man from–Massachusetts, Utah, Michigan– you know, the man who has firm ideas-Mitt Romney! Of course, firm means–as of the latest poll numbers.

Anyway, Barack Obama can thank the entire Republican group for aiding him in the quest to be re-elected. Just think, Tim, you could be wandering through Iowa today and shaking hands and eating plenty of corn. Tim, ye did not tarry long enough!