Time For Israel To Face Reality

Thousands are in the streets of Cairo, but in Jerusalem, the same right wing conservative religious right government of Benjamin Netanyahu still has not grasped that now is the time for Israel to make dramatic moves by reaching out to Palestinians, compromising to end the current stalemate and create an independent nation of Palestine that will work closely with Israel to maintain peace in the region. Saboteurs blew up parts of the Egyptian gas pipe line that supplies Israel with gas for its industries and civilian population. If Netnayahu continues allowing settler and religious extremists in Israel to control policy, it simply enhances the power of Hamas and eventually will result in a new jihad. We fear that Israel is trapped in its rhetoric of defiance, its belief the world is against the state of Israel and that Israel is simply an innocent victim of anti-Semites who rule the world. There is currently an opportunity to TAKE THE INITIATIVE and reach out to moderate Palestinian leaders BEFORE any new Egyptian government takes an anti-Israel stance.

There are times in foreign policy when daring moves can prevent more dangerous events to occur. Israel has a window of opportunity to work for peace. Frankly, most Israelis prefer acting on the assumption they are victims of a hostile world. As Shakespeare noted, the fault lies not in the stars, but in themselves.