Time Out For Humanity

I frequently get the feeling that humanity needs a time out from the madness of the past few years. Republicans in America have lost any semblance of common sense with their ongoing tirades against “the government.” On one hand, they want “the government” to assume control over the bodies of women, on the other hand, they are armed to the teeth because “the government” wants to charge $1.35 per cow to graze on GOVERNMENT LAND! In Africa, Oscar is howling and crying at his trial, Boko Haram is daily going bonkers murdering Muslims in order to save Muslims from “the West.” In eastern Ukraine, masked men who wear Russian uniforms and speak Russian are working hard to create violence so President Putin can step in to end violence.

No one has been able to make sense of South Korean captain and crew fleeing a sinking boat after telling passengers not to leave. In Yemen, drones are droning along blasting away at people it terms to be “terrorists.” Pakistan is a poor excuse for what we term to be a “nation.” And, over in India it is rape day every day of the week on grounds, “boys will be boys.” It is now a hundred years since the Chicago Cubs won a world series and forty years since the New York Knicks won a title, any title. Americans get heavier and eventually the Earth will not be able to handle the weight.

How about a one month truce from any and all forms of violence to self, to others, to the planet!