Time To Depart From Afghanistan!

Americans tend to forget the war in Afghanistan has been going on since 1979 when Russian troops entered the country to defend a communist regime which had taken power. America has been involved for over thirty years since our CIA undertook the task of supplying insurgents who fought against the Russians. We ARE partially responsible for what happened in Afghanistan after departure of Russian troops. The Century Foundation, a think tank, just released a report which urges that Afghanistan and neighboring nations should organize a process leading to peace.

Its call comes just as Afghan President Hamid Karzai was issuing a plea to the Taliban for peace. “Once again, I’m calling to the Taliban: Make friendship with education, and come and make peace. Let the Afghan children stand on their feet and then the foreigners will voluntarily leave. They will not come back and we won’t need them.” In other words, the Afghan government being defended by the US and NATO forces wants them all to leave.

Perhaps, it is time for Afghanistan to summon a regional conference which would include Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and the Taliban in order to discuss the framework for peace that includes departure of all foreign troops, and making certain al-Qaeda leaves the country. What exactly can be lost by such a meeting?