Time To End Mission In Afghanistan?

We soon will reach the ninth anniversary of the initial invasion of Afghanistan by American forces in the fall of 2001, and the war goes on and on. The original US forces were aided by Afghan warlords and they assumed once the Taliban were gone, it was time for them to play at the game of power and loot. Poland has 2,500 troops fighting in Afghanistan as part of NATO forces, but its prime minister is beginning to pose questions as to the duration of this seemingly endless fight. PM Donald Trusk told the nation, “Poland is not in a position to break NATO solidarity…. but we are sufficiently involved in ‘afghanistan to take advantage of the right to discuss ending the mission as soon as possible.” Seventeen Polish men have died in that Asian land, and he believes it is time to either know how and when to win or to as gracefully as possible, end the mission.

There came a moment when the American government and people in the seventies realized the Vietnam mission had to come to a conclusion and US troops had to return home. We left over 50,000 dead in Vietnam, and so far, 1,000 have died in Afghanistan. Since there is no end in sight, the time has come to declare victory for what we did and get the hell out of Afghanistan.