Time To End Violence In Ukraine

The people of Ukraine just had an election and a candidate garnered over 50% of the vote. Mr. Poroshenko is a billionaire who is pragmatic, desires to restore law and order to his nation and wants to do it NOW. Even as he spoke the separatists in the Donetsk region were attempting to take over an airport only to be thwarted by Ukraine forces, including jet planes. Reports are that about 30 died in this silly effort by a group of thugs, most probably in the pay of the Russian government. Poroshenko was blunt in making clear to President Vladimir Putin the time was over for his efforts to split Ukraine. “The anti-terrorist operation cannot and should not last more than two or three months. It should and will end now.”

Putin knows that he has lost. He awoke one day and realized that if Russian forces actually invaded the UKraine his government would be confronted by billions of dollars in cost to run the region plus facing the prospect of new economic sanctions that will damage Russian banks and business enterprises. It is time to conclude this folly.