Time To Leave Earth

We humans have been around in this universe for a few billion years, that is the good news. The bad news is that astrobiogists estimate our planet will move out of the solar system’s “habitable zone” and become too hot even for primitive bacteria. Reallity– if we humans want to survive as a species, it will be time to head some place else in this universe. Andrew ERushby of East Anglia University points our “the seas would evaporate. We would see a terminal extinction for all life” He suggests that we humans head for the planet of Mars. It is estimated that Mars will be around until this universe ceases to exist.

The Tea Party would like any such articles to be censored out of existence. After all, we Americans are an “exceptional people” and even if the other unexceptional people disappear, we God fearing Americans will still be around. And, if we ever do have to cease being around, you can bet your bottom dollar we will leave with guns clutched in our hands.