Time To Leave, President Yanukovych!

My father was born in the city of Kiev so its future carries personal feelings. For over a month thousands of people in Kiev have been in the streets of Kiev demanding that President Yanukovych either revise his agreement with Russia or sign agreements with the European Union. They wish to live in the European Union and gain the opportunity to witness their society develop into a prosperous and democratic one rather than wind up as an ally of Vladimir Putin’s corrupt and undemocratic Russia. Chaos has now descended upon Kiev, balls of fire light up the sky, men and women wearing ski masks are hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at battered police who respond with tear gas only to further enrage protesters. Now, videos have been presented which indicate protesters were taken from a hospital and savagely beaten, including one who died with a body covered in bruises. People are angry. Protester Arthur Kapelon made clear their position: “we will force the authorities to respect us.”

Opposition leader, and former boxing champ, Vitali Klitschko made clear the current attitude of those in the streets: “Just a month ago, the Maidan(name of square in Kiev) would have gone home, today people are demanding the president’s resignation.” President Yanukovych is offering amnesty to those arrested and changes in his Cabinet. Sorry, too little and too late. Depart, you must depart and the Ukraine must turn west to the European Union and away from Putinism!